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GOOD SHOUT of the week - Damiano Von Erckert (Album Giveaway)

I haven’t managed to post up a song or mix of the day in well over three days now, however; fear not.

This good shout will make up for errors gone by. 

This is the first I have heard of Damiano Von Erckert, and it’s absolutely stunning.

An album previously released on his own label ‘Ava’ last year is up for grabs.

Stand outs are ‘Housem’ which does exactly what it says in the song title, and the 10 minute epic ‘Adhab Ya Msafiri’

I wholeheartedly say: GOODSHOUT Damiano

Song of the Day: Franc Spangler - Camberwell Beauty

Franc Spangler caught all of our attention in 2010 with the excellent ‘Forever and a Day' also released on Delusions of Grandeur.

If my knowledge serves me correctly it is a pseudonym of Jimpster, who also runs the label.

Four years later and the pace has quickened slightly; but his unique deep groove remains.

The first two tracks are both notable, however it’s the slower B side which intrigues me the most.

Mix of the day (Me) and song of the day (not me)

I’m only posting my own mix today as I’ve not actually listened to any others, however on second thoughts would be sharing mine anyway regardless.

Put together for the TEAK boys as a taster for next Saturday, where I shall be playing with The Dead Rose Music Company and Jay Shepheard. 

Song of the day is from Truby & Marlow, aptly named ‘Peace’. This comes from a new label (Fifty Fathoms Deep) co-curated by Craig Smith of 6th Borough Project, and it’s from him where you’ll hear the sped up, more club orientated remix on the B side. “Is it still fucking deep though?” I can hear you ask - yes.

Soulful goodness right here.

Luvless - Be Mine (Song of the day)

Song of the day: Luvless - Be Mine 

Track 3 on the above player

Full on spring vibes raining down today in Bristol (via the Sun). Paired with this song just released on Tsuba, an unstoppable force of joy will overwhelm you all.

Elevating piano, simplistic percussion, and gorgeous vocals.

Oh and it also came on a lovely baby-pink vinyl.

Song Of The Day

Great remix from Kornel Kovacs of Studio Barnhus connection (Axel Bomans label).

Pleasing deep chords and bass roll over throughout the whole song, with varying samples thrown in here and there. Subtly creative.

Mix Of The Day - We Play House Radio

Mixed by Red D and hosted by the smooth voice of a certain ‘Classy Lassy’; this mix serves up some excellent, not-too-polished deep house, one/some of which are by Theo Parrish, apparently.